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F.O.P. Associates


 Do you believe in a better community, state and country?


In protection for your family, home and business?


In professional law enforcement?


In a united effort to safeguard freedom and our way of life?


If you answer yes, you are a candidate for membership in the F.O.P.A. 

Who are the Fraternal Order Of Police Associates


The Fraternal Order of Police Associates is a civilian affiliate of the Fraternal Order of Police, with National, State and Local Lodges. Our members are responsible and respectable business leaders, professional people, family of Police Officers and citizens from all walks of life. Persons willing to give part of their time, money and energy towards helping law enforcement agencies or our Community, State and Country.


The Associates is a citizens group that meet on a regular basis, pays moderate dues and serve at the pleasure of parent F.O.P. Lodges.


The Associates are a nonpartisan organization without bias toward race, creed, color or religious beliefs. We are a  organization with local and state lodges throughout the country.


The Associates objectives and interest revolves around law enforcement and men and women who have dedicated their lives to the protection of ours.


The Associates are dedicated to supporting all law enforcement agencies in their legislative issues, charitable causes on local, state and levels.



Goals of the F.O.P.A.  

The Fraternal Order of Police Associates is an organization formed to increase our understanding of the, duties and problems of Police Officers; of bettering the conditions under which they serve our society; of promotion their interest and welfare in every conceivable way; and of being ever ready to give assistant to law enforcement at all levels. The Associates believe that Law is the safeguard to Freedom and it is our duty to uphold it.


Functions and Activities of The Associate Lodges 


Each lodge works to serve its parent lodge. They provide Police departments with dedicated public support.


Many lodges present scholarships to dependents of Law Enforcement Officers and Associate Members.


Associate Lodges raise and donate funds for officers in need or distress and also provide funds for other police needs and youth programs.


Present awards to recognized out-standing and dedicated Police Officers and Associate members.



We hold joint social functions enjoyed by members, family and friends, such as dances, dinners, banquets, picnics and -for the children- Christmas and Halloween parties, Easter egg hunt, etc.




Your membership in the  F.O.P.A. entitles you to:  


• Enjoy fraternalism with our Law Enforcement Family


• You receive professional membership cards, decals and emblems which are recognized nationally


• Members are recognized for out-standing Achievement through various awards programs


• Members have the opportunity to attend and participate at State and National Conferences


For assistance, contact:   


, President FOPA


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